How To Prepare For Your Mobile Massage Visit

  • Drink lots of water before and after your massage.
  • Identify a suitable space where the massage therapist can set up the massage couch and have enough room to manoeuvre around the couch to perform the massage.
  • Please have 2 large dry towels available for use.
  • It would be useful to have a blanket available, when you are relaxed your body temperature drops which means you will feel the chill more.
  • Ensure that the environment where the massage is taking place is at a suitable temperature for you.
  • Your therapist is likely to bring music with them, however you may have music that you like to listen to for relaxation. Please have this ready for your massage session.
  • It is helpful if you give your therapist information which will help them find your address easily for example ” my block is located in front of the play area”.
  • Please provide your therapist with information on parking e.g. permit holders only or controlled parking zones. If there are parking restriction where you live please be mindful of this as your therapist will be driving and will require somewhere to park.